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Writer’s sweet spot

Everything is adaptation, all is creation.
There ain’t no boundaries in this world or in creation. Boundaries only exist in men ‘s minds and territories.

That’s our jobs as writers to explode these boundaries and offer an insight to better ways of living.

This is the eternal message of stories, always to be repeated in thousands of different ways, but it all comes down to : love, keep your heart warm, share, help your fellows in life, be bold, courageous, brave, enthousiast, speak the truth, stand for your own values, know when to smile and when to fight, acknowledge your failures and shadows but never doubt you’re precious and worthful, and be confident that others do the same. We are all so close and connected.

Here is a piece of creative friendship though time and space, Fela’s spirit over Jimi’ Universe, made possible by a band of fellas who know what they do, and enjoy doing it. 

Good writing to you all.


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