Embark on a quest for a treasure hidden in the heart of stories. . .

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The Dreamer Theory

Embark on a quest for a treasure hidden in the heart of stories. . .

Whether you are a seasoned writer or a passionate amateur, a novelist or a screenwriter, this first volume of The True Face of Stories series invites you to completely rethink your way of seeing stories. It provides a challenging but enlightening truth: stories don’t revolve around the protagonist, or main character, like the sun doesn’t revolve around the earth. As surprising as it might seem, the hero actually serves the storyline of another character: the dreamer.

Stories Are Dreams

Mostly in the background, while taking an active part in the plot, the dreamer embodies the soul of the story. It is he, whose dream gives to the narrative its depth, themes and emotional tone. For it is he, whose suffering in his real world triggers the initial spark of the fictional journey.

You will discover his rich nuances and multiple facets: Jill in Once Upon a Time in the West, Holly in Die Hard, Joseph Wladislaw in The Dirty Dozen, or the lovely Fran Kubelik in The Apartment, among many other examples from acclaimed movies. (Twelve Angry Men, Mona Lisa Smile, Rain Man, Pretty Woman, Chinatown, Rocky. . .)

A Conceptual Revolution for Fiction Writing

This ground-breaking perspective leads to a decisive shift for the creative process. Natural dreamer, fantastic dreamer, chimera, dark figure, vector character, direct dream, incidental dream: you’ll get acquainted with clear, innovative and powerful tools. Far from being formulaic, they are meant to provide inspirational guidelines at any stage of the writing.

Listen to a call emerging from within the stories we all love, and enter the realm of the dreamer. . .

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