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    Movies are about creative teams : Reel Artsy

    There, in L.A., an enthousiast team led by Karen Gilmore and Joshua Dos Santos, passionate about movies and screenwriting, and runninng this delicious website Reel Artsy, dedicated to « quirky, awkward, offbeat indie films. »
    Twitter and the passion for movies were the key to connect.

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    Each page, for everyone of us

    It could be easy to blame it on education, as it is commonly admitted. Blame it on parents, on culture, on social traditions. On individual limits or psychological flaws. On shyness and personal weakness.
    Thruth, it seems to me, is that it relates to so much deeper layers of the human and animals minds.

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    If you are an artist, chances are you are a perfectionnist, an obsessed soul always in search of gold. Well, I am. So let’s celebrate together a simple truth : we’ll never get a hundred per cent satisfied. Nothing we’ll ever write will meet all of our expectations.
    Some might, a few lines and pages may pass the cut, and even bear the test of time. But so few indeed. So let’s open our eyes once for all on this.

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    Being true to the story

    Writing is about being simple and true to the story. And then being able to deliver a mind and heart blowing experience to the audience. These are two absolutely different aspects of the process.  The first requires a personal and humble clarity of mind. The …

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    Writer’s sweet spot

    Everything is adaptation, all is creation.There ain’t no boundaries in this world or in creation. Boundaries only exist in men ‘s minds and territories.That’s our jobs as writers to explode these boundaries and offer an insight to better ways of living.This is the eternal message …

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