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    Will you take a piece of Hell ?

    We all died, morally, symbolically, emotionally once in our real life. We’ve been crashed, sometimes by terrible events, sometimes by a sort of invisible hand of evil over our destinies. From now on, let’s write beautiful pages of a unique masterpiece that is called : Our life.

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  • Teaching Scriptwriting By Pepa LLausas

    Teaching Scriptwriting by Pepa LLausas

    One of the most difficult points is to find a manner to teach to understand the media, that is, how cinema transmits a story.
    Students arrive to you with a very clear and concise idea about what script is: something similar to a form to fill in. And they usually do it using a very long dialogue. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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    People and ideas : Alexandra Sokoloff and the Elusive Voice

    I’ve been a faithful reader of Alexandra Sokoloff’s blog, as well as her posts on Murderati for you can find there both truly inspirational material and a simple, passionate, fresh and friendly tone. Most of all, it comes from someone who knows what she’s talking …

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    Simple Tools part 2 : Heart of the Replicants

    In a previous post I tried to make my own ideas clearer about brains and the huge intellectual process involved in conceiving screenplays. Let’s now have a look to the second and only other tool we have to master : our heart. Simple tools, brains …

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