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    Noise, sounds, music

    The writing life has a time and a pace. Respect it, nurture it, celebrate it : this is the true knowledge of the writer. Don’t listen to yourself, don’t listen to the world. Just listen to the tender and terrible flows of your writing life. The music will flow, freely, when the time comes.

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    One story, four pitches

    Everyone insists on how important a pitch is. But as for myself, I think every writer needs four different and necessary pitches.
    First is the install pitch, the initial appeal of a conflicting contrast, a fresh situation around someone in relation with three essential entities : us, his world, and a vital necessity.

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    Being true to the story

    Writing is about being simple and true to the story. And then being able to deliver a mind and heart blowing experience to the audience. These are two absolutely different aspects of the process.  The first requires a personal and humble clarity of mind. The …

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    Simple Tools part 2 : Heart of the Replicants

    In a previous post I tried to make my own ideas clearer about brains and the huge intellectual process involved in conceiving screenplays. Let’s now have a look to the second and only other tool we have to master : our heart. Simple tools, brains …

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