Let’s be clear : while the message of stories and even our intention as writers are most of the time noble and sincere, the « craft » is mainly about trickery, cheat, duplicity. And it’s fun !

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Pivotal Moments 1- How miraculous : the characters necessity fits your need

For instance, when the story begins the goal of your character is not to go forwards to the story’s climax. This is your need, at least if you know the end. From time to time, it’s good for us to remind the true pivotal moments from the perspective of our needs as writers.

  • Opening image : here is the metaphorical menu. We need to give a symbolic, honest, but mysterious metaphor of the story to come, while presenting a real situation, standing on its own legs. A strong opening image is good when it can be seen twice with two different meanings, each being honest and clear.

    Let’s put it even more clearly : the purpose of the whole film is to enable the audience to understand the metaphorical meaning of the opening image. It is a complex and rich concentrate of all the story to come. It already bears the theme and the fundamental inner conflict of the protagonist that the story will build upon.

  • Inciting incident :our need here is to establish the theme and the vital unity that already ties the protagonist to the world of act II. It ‘s not enough to put the hero in jeopardy. It’s not about « something happens to a guy », it’s about « this is why he HAS to spend some time in the very unique world that is still ahead of him. He needs the world to come, and the world to come needs him.

    Why ? How ? To these questions, a good inciting incident (and catalyst later) provide elegant and profound answers. To do so you must have a deep and heartfelt understanding of the ordinary world, which means understanding fully your character : all his vision of his own life and all that he doesn’t see by himself. It’s all about making clear for him all the aspects of his own life he refused to see, or lacked conscience about.

Yes, great stories are about the enhancement of self conscience. In each and every character. In each and every writer.

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