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Fresh air

Don’t you sometimes have the feeling you’ve read the same things again and again ? That very little is really new under the sun of social medias ?

Well don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy new faces, discoveries, new angles, people and matters of great interest. And I sure find them almost everyday on blogs, twitter, G+ and every where out there on the net. But we find what we aim for. And in this sea of faces and contents, I sometimes get the feeling there ain’t so many really new fishes.

And basically, this is what I do while I ramble around the net : fishing. Or throwing fishes in the sea, or sharing the fishes of others. Aren’t you in the fishing market too ?

My favourite topics are selective but quite wide : writing, sreenwriting, sciences, social medias, publishing, art and culture, movies. Fine. Out there I come across great insights about the craft and market of writing, mind blowing discoveries about neurosciences, physics, enthusiast fellows, all kind of creative minds, nice people engaged in their own fishing.

But at the end of the day, comes that strange feeling that well, that apparently new takes are just a slight new version of already known contents or directions. Sort of mind fashion. À la mode, like we say in french.

Everyday we look for a dose of surprise and novelty, we get addicted to speed and movement, and there is a confusion between movement and content. Social media sure give you that speed sensation, super fast food for the brain. What about proteins, vitamins, that delicious sensation of eating a brand new lovely cooked piece of meat ? Or the sweet dizziness that comes with an exceptional wine ?

This only comes with true discovery. Not novelty, not surprise. Discovery, marvel. Wonder.

Being amazed. Feel deep inside that some sort of existential and visceral hunger is soothing. The relief that comes with a deeply human way of cooking books, ideas, relationships.

There is no particular point to this post I’m afraid.

Except this maybe.
Let’s stop searching. Let’s get human and friendly.

So, how are you doing this morning ?

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