Every writer experiences to some extent that we are strangers to ourselves. Good writing feels like going back home, a home we didn't know but still, recognize. It gets familiar as we discover it. So why is it so scary sometimes to dive into the realm of our own treasure ?

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Each page, for everyone of us

It could be easy to blame it on education, as it is commonly admitted. Blame it on parents, on culture, on social traditions. On individual limits or psychological flaws. On shyness and personal weakness.

Thruth, it seems to me, is that it relates to so much deeper layers of the human and animals minds.

When you take a time to dig in this interior world of yours, you put yourself in fragility and danger. Lions could appear. Snake could crawl to your feet. Tribes could attack the village. A bear might come in. Death could come, light could be killed. Ghosts could defeat you for eternity. The world could drastically change and make a stranger of you. By the time you awake of you dream travels, you could die, lose everything, be an orphan.

Millions of years of fears have written their laws in our genes. And each of us comes to earth with this inheritance. All the behaviours that could put us in a condition of weakness have been protected and made uneasy by psychologicals barriers. These are highly powerful remnants of the ages of darkness. These mental inhibitions were once the warranties of safety for warriors in a world of terror.

Our evolutionary past has written its message in the most archaic patterns of our brains.

It has associated a notion of risk, and thus equivalent mental barriers to all that makes us possible preys : sleeping, expressing love, making love, sharing, opening our homes, feeling peaceful, smiling. Artistic enterprises. Fantasy.

Most everything that constitutes the very treasure of human life.

Joy, love and freedom are naturally rooted in the deepest of our hearts. But they must be conquered again and again by overcoming the ancient spirits of fear.

From these archaic mental patterns we must free ourselves.
From these patterns artists have an urge to free themselves.
This is the most crucial threshold of writing.

The more you have to give, the more fragile you know you will be, the more terrible it seems.

Writing is all about the courage to be fragile. The letting go of brains and consciousness. The surrending to the inner flows of whatever lies in the sea of you humanity.

Each page is a renewed victory against the ancient memories of our species.
Each page builds a freedom of your own, a freedom for us all.

For what each writer does, facing himself with strenght and courage, is a victory for the human race. Each time, we reduce the impact of archaic mental patterns. Make them softer, easier to overcome. Each page changes the very neurons of our universal brain.

That is to say, the more writers on this planet, the more peaceful it will be.

Whether these writers sell or not, get published or not, each one is a hero. A warrior towards mental peace and a reinvented human condition.

A human civilisation where fragility is possible, where weakness is loved and respected.
Where babies are kings and children acknowledged as the most beautiful artists.

Writing means finding the voice of triumphant childhood.


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