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    Being true to the story

    Writing is about being simple and true to the story. And then being able to deliver a mind and heart blowing experience to the audience. These are two absolutely different aspects of the process.  The first requires a personal and humble clarity of mind. The …

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    Writer’s sweet spot

    Everything is adaptation, all is creation.There ain’t no boundaries in this world or in creation. Boundaries only exist in men ‘s minds and territories.That’s our jobs as writers to explode these boundaries and offer an insight to better ways of living.This is the eternal message …

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  • Vers La Piscine

    Northbound : strength and doubt

    It maybe doubt, hesitation, confusion. It maybe a few questions, self reflections that have not come into full light. We can name it the lively processing part of ourselves, seeds slowly coming to conscious and maturity. It is the time before the harvest. I might …

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    Fresh air

    Don’t you sometimes have the feeling you’ve read the same things again and again ? That very little is really new under the sun of social medias ? Well don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy new faces, discoveries, new angles, people and matters of great interest. …

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    People and ideas : Alexandra Sokoloff and the Elusive Voice

    I’ve been a faithful reader of Alexandra Sokoloff’s blog, as well as her posts on Murderati for you can find there both truly inspirational material and a simple, passionate, fresh and friendly tone. Most of all, it comes from someone who knows what she’s talking …

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