As screenwriters we qualify on the evolution ladder to be somewhere between coconuts obsessed chimps and cold blooded high tech engineers. More or less we all work using the best of each approach which makes us high tech chimps or coconuts obsessed engineers. In my wildest dreams, I envision what one may call, well, a step forward.

Breaking Coconuts

Breaking coconuts

Ok. So on one side you’ve got a chimp breaking a coconut with a stone.

That’s basically all of our effective pratice in the best cases. Most of the times, we don’t even use a stone. Some talk to the coconuts. Some go in the rain forest to find a stone and never come back. Some say coconut is bad for health and pick the delicious fruits available on the trees of imagination. Some get crazy knocking on the coconut. Some use the coconut as a weapon. Some decide to exchange a hair massage over a coconut opening course. And sign autographs.

Some wear dark suit and claim coconut must have a universal appeal. And when one chimp succeeds, the coconut opens in a grand premiere. Coconut trailer. Limos. Dollars. Or not. And there it goes again. Coconut madness.

What have we got on the other side ? Well it depends on your personal drives.

Brain surgery, high tech, engeneering, rocket science. Knowing what to do and how when you have a clear idea of what you’re up to. New concepts, new tools, wide vision of the world of stories, eagle eye, laser focus, multi layers simultaneous understanding.

The main reason why we are still chimps with stones in front of our coconuts is the inability of gathering, as a species, and share about all the aspects of this very basic challenge.

We need the UNC. The United Nation of Coconuts. And we need it to be wide open to all professions, amateurs and pros of all human experience and knowledge. Scientists, neuroscientists, men and women of all cultures, fishermen, firemen, architects, children, teachers, psychologists.

This, I believe, is a wise and valuable dream. But since you and I both have a bunch of stories to write for next week, I suggest we begin by a simple question : What’s inside the coconut, what is so furiously precious, to inspire so much passion, hopes and despairs ?

Answer would be « Us. Our brain. » We are trying to break open our own truths and mysteries.

Wait. Doesn’t this makes us the coconuts ?

I guess so.

The whole universe is one coconut and as long as we stay inside, stories are soft, rich and offered.
Never step outside, that’s the secret.


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