Being true to the story

Writing is about being simple and true to the story.
And then being able to deliver a mind and heart blowing experience to the audience.
These are two absolutely different aspects of the process. 

The first requires a personal and humble clarity of mind.
The second requires knowledge, experience and a taste for power. 

First is the art of peace, second is an act of war.
Any lack in one of the two results either in a boring attempt or in a meaningless and spectacular agitation. 

No surprise why so many humans try so many times while so few stories bear the test of time. Writing these stories is like climbing the Himalayas and each of us long for the fresh air of such a feeling of freedom and accomplishment. 

Wish you the best possible walk to the top of your stories since we, writers, experiment that it ‘s the same road that leads to hell and heaven. 

Good writing to you all.

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