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    Will you take a piece of Hell ?

    We all died, morally, symbolically, emotionally once in our real life. We’ve been crashed, sometimes by terrible events, sometimes by a sort of invisible hand of evil over our destinies. From now on, let’s write beautiful pages of a unique masterpiece that is called : Our life.

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  • Breaking Coconuts

    Breaking coconuts

    As screenwriters we qualify on the evolution ladder to be somewhere between coconuts obsessed chimps and cold blooded high tech engineers. More or less we all work using the best of each approach which makes us high tech chimps or coconuts obsessed engineers. In my wildest dreams, I envision what one may call, well, a step forward.

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    Qu’est-ce qui nous fait écrire ?

    Écrire, toujours écrire. Harnachés à notre table de travail comme chevaux de traits, labourant nos rêves. Ruminant nos univers, remaniant cent fois nos méthodes. Comme englués de brumes floues, de promesses et d’enchantements, plus brillants pour nous que l’immédiat quotidien de nos demeures.

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    Movies are dreams

    The craft of screenwriting seems to be an infinite subject for books, posts, seminars. Advices everywhere, gurus at the corner of each lost dog on a parking lot. And indeed, some sort of science is finally slowly emerging of all this. What I’d like to highlight here is the most significant aspect of movies : their dream quality.

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    Tordre le cou aux idées reçues

    Tiens c’est vendredi, et pour tout dire, j’avais la plume paresseuse. Mais finalement je vais surfer sur le soleil radieux qui baigne le jardin et dont les rayons pointent vers le pc dans un sous entendu qui en dit long. C’est entre le soleil et moi et il a gagné.

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