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  • 2012 03 19 17.48.11

    The art of reading

    The screenwriting litterature is abundant in saying all screnwriters should hone their craft by reading and writing.
    And this of course, every single day of a somehow strange life. Write every day for sure. Read every day : fiction books, newspaper, scripts, good and bad, more books from classicals to contemporary, read all formats, train your reading muscles.
    But the biggest skill of all, and this one I never see underlined in these books, is to read what you write.

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  • 2012 03 19 00.13.40

    Simple tools. A noble word : intelligence.

    We all read, write, feel. We all try hard to imagine the most emotional scenes, the best way to tell the stories we work on. Fine. But do we all ? Really ? I mean do we really share the same experience ? When I …

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