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  • Art Of Teaching Art Of Learning By Pepa Llausas

    Scriptwriting: Art of Teaching, Art of Learning by Pepa LLausas

    “Teaching” means rules, structures or maps of paths which others took before you and drew. However when you have to teach a creative way all this is not enough. In fact, sometimes, all this might be a problem. If your students are creative people, they are going to feel those maps like a prison; if they are not, they might think those rules are a solution, a magic key and, what’s worse, the only way to do a script.

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  • 2012 03 19 00.13.40

    Simple tools. A noble word : intelligence.

    We all read, write, feel. We all try hard to imagine the most emotional scenes, the best way to tell the stories we work on. Fine. But do we all ? Really ? I mean do we really share the same experience ? When I …

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