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    Movies are dreams

    The craft of screenwriting seems to be an infinite subject for books, posts, seminars. Advices everywhere, gurus at the corner of each lost dog on a parking lot. And indeed, some sort of science is finally slowly emerging of all this. What I’d like to highlight here is the most significant aspect of movies : their dream quality.

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    Once again I have to take the task to teach script by Pepa LLausas

    Once again I’ m going to tackle the task of teaching scriptwriting. It is incredible how teaching scriptwriting can teach you about the subject. I love cinema, no matter from which point of view, and one the most fascinating things about it is the fact that you never finish learning about it.

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    Le Plus Grand des Voyages par Clémence Lebatteux

    Les métiers d’écritures sont des voyages au parcours souvent chaotique, avec des petits pas, beaucoup de pas de côté, quelques grands pas en avant et quelques petits pas en arrière. Pour un auteur débutant, c’est un schéma à apprivoiser, c’est un peu compliqué, ça prend de l’énergie, ce n’est pas toujours facile, mais la réussite et l’accomplissement n’en sont que plus gratifiants et fascinants.

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    Just Keep Going by Lisa Geichman Prosek

    A recent conversation with some of my writer friends focused on our ongoing struggle to be at peace with our work…and with ourselves. If only we had more time to write. If only the subject matter would come more easily to us. If only we could get published or produced or even just optioned, then we’d have a sense of accomplishment and confidence as artists and be able to transcend our inner turmoil.
    But would that really work?

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    Let the Magic Happen by Unk Screenwriter

    I don’t do guest posts that often but Marc Omeyer is a stand-up guy and I don’t run into a whole hell of a lot of stand-up guys these days. So I’ve spent the last couple of weeks wondering what to write about… Didn’t want to do the same old, same old and recently, I’ve been doing so much THINKING about concepts that I wondered when was the last time anyone’s ever discussed the THINKING part about writing?

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